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How Bot Works

Bot Knowledge and Support Software

How the Bot software works

The online Bot is designed to support technical and non technical teams in answering questions stored in the knowledge base.

The chatbot uses natural language processing technique to deliver the correct answers. The live bot learns questions and answers. The natural language processing procedures construct correct answers.

online chatbot

The live bot can work in multiple languages.

The chatbot works as standalone software but it possible to call human anytime.

The online chatbot can works with Skype, Slack and others workflow software.

live chatbot

In case the answer is not in the knowledge base, adding new issue or problem which is not in the knowledge base is simple. Just ask online bot to create new ticket and the bot will asks about details and then generate new issue which will be sent to the support team.

The online bot can be personalized and can support individual customer which is mandatory for example when answer questions related to customer balance or account.

The Support Bot uses Knowledge base. The knowledge base is an intelligent database which will be trained before use. The knowledge base can be populated using standard documents such word or text files in Questions and Answers format, for example: “Question”: “How it works?”, “Answer”: “The bot is an intelligent solution for support teams”.

live chatbot

The Support Bot also uses natural language processing. It allows make conversation with Bot in human natural language. For example, asking in different ways: “What is the price, show the price list or price details” will give you accurate answers. When the knowledge base is not trained properly with questions and answers, the Bot won’t find an answer and can ask you about more details or finally can tell that new issue (ticket) can be created regarding the question where no answer was found. In this case the new ticket is created by the bot and support team will receive notification that no answer could be found based on particular question.

The properly bot knowledge base can answer properly in most cases and the support team can focus more on important things or support more complicated issues.

The bot also can be connected to our new analytics project which can analyse any data, for example sales data or do any prediction based on existing customer’s data.

We will train the bot using yours support knowledge data. It can be in any format even text files, help files or database data. Update the data knowledge base is free, just send us the form with new data.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions regarding the live bot software.