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Please try our Chatbot online demo software for free. You can write to the chatbot in natural language (in this demo only English language but others are also available). The chatbot online support knowledgebase software

As an example, this chatbot is trained to help customers book a table in a restaurant.

Let’s start type “book a table” or a similar sentence. The chatbot recognizes other sentences either like “I would like to book a table” or “I’d like to book a table for 5 persons”.

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The chatbot can support a large number of scenarios. If you would like to test how chatbot online demo software works with different business scenarios, for example, technical support. Please let us know and our team will create a free demo for you.

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The chatbot online software also supports knowledge base data. The software not only interacts with the user by asking questions and give an appropriate answer based on questions and answers stored in the database. The chatbot also recognizes entities like locations, objects, persons, products. For example when a user enters data: “Mr. John Bow felt worse after taking AlphaBeta1 1000mg”. The software can recognize the text and parse properly the data without using questions and answers like commonly used chatbots, for example: “What is the patient’s name?”, “What product he used?”, “What dose”, “Does the patient feel better or worse?”. The second example is not human-friendly interaction.