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Case Studies

Bot Knowledge and Support Software

The company product manufacturer introduced the Bot Knowledge Software. The software is available on the support page of the company.

There is large database with solutions for particular problems with how to use the product. Also there is a software available which collects customer’s problems.

The Bot Knowledge software will collect the data from the database and other help documents. The Knowledge database is properly trained and the customers can use the Bot Knowledge simply asking questions in natural human language.

For example, customer can ask the bot:

“How the product A works?” and the Bot will get the answer from the Knowledge database. Also the Bot will understand the question if the customer asks “How start with product A” or “Give me more details how to begin work with product A”.

The Bot uses Natural Language Processing technique which is an intelligent solution.

In case of question which answer cannot be found in the database, the bot will respond asking customer to give more details about problem. If the answer cannot be developed then the bot will ask customer to create new ticket (issue) which will be sent to the support team. Once the answer is added to the Knowledge base by the team member, it will appear next time in the Knowledge base.

This solution can focus support team on more important tasks and customer satisfaction is better as he doesn’t need wait for support team to answer by phone or email. Also it has advantage over standard online bots as the bot doesn’t need support team interaction. It’s fully automated support solution.