Knowledge Base and Chat bot software

The Knowledge Base Software helps your Support team solve most issues and problems.

Integration with Chat Bot

Intelligent Solutions

The knowledge Base software integrated with Chat Bot allows better interactions with users

Knowledge Base Software

The chatbot online is designed to support technical and nontechnical teams in solving daily problems without interaction with the support team.

Chat Bot Design

Unique custom Chat Bot for your web site.


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Web Site integration

The Knowledge Base Software can be attached to any web site

Bespoke Software Development

Apart of Knowledge Base Software and Chat Bot design we provide bespoke software development


Questions and Answers

Here you can find questions asked by our customers. If you can not find answer, please contact us.

How can I create Knowledge Base

You can upload or use our online editor to generate questions and answers. 

Do I need to pay annually?

No, payments can be made on monthly basis.

Is the conversation with Chat Bot natural?

Our Knowledge Base software and Chat Bot uses Natural Language Processing.

What is the process of the dialog design?

We help you create the dialog flow which will be used by your customers.

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